Shun Man Woh- WHOA


Cerebral, yeah- we’ll go with cerebral. That’s the lazy description behind the astounding piece of theater put together by DSI company veteran Kit FitzSimons. His one man sketch show Shun Man Woh brings to the table many of the highly specific skills that only Kit himself could put together. Chugging Redbull, enormous feats of physical exertion, and what has been described by many people as “a rubber face,” Kit creates 30 minutes of comedy without one single (LIVE) word spoken. 

For the past eight years Kit has occasionally performed under the title Shun Man Woh - a spoonerism of “One Man Show” for all of his one man sketches. Over time the name had been relegated to the title for the ‘Sketch Ideas’ file on his laptop.  The inspiration for a revival of Shun Man Woh came when DSI Comedy announced that it would be holding a Sketch Cagematch in late 2012. 

Why no words though?  “I’d been listening to a lot of music recently, and I had a couple ideas for sketches that didn’t require any words… the show format sort of spiraled out from there,” says FitzSimons. Having repeatedly worked up an idea into a sketch or monologue, only to find that it still seemed less fun than anything he had thought of for his music inspired sketches, Kit went about combing his playlists and collecting songs to create his personal soundtrack.

Finding that past sketch shows had best flowed when they found a unifying theme-  the current Shun Man Woh came together when he found his theme of sketches where he didn’t speak. “Every new idea was an exciting discovery, like snapping together another couple pieces of an enormous jigsaw,” FitzSimons shares. The future is bright - Kit is always looking to do more, to expand and include more in his work.

- Contributed by Kate Harlow