Dive into Local 506


Down Franklin Street from UNC campus lies an intimate venue, with no pretensions about what it is.  The epitome of a rock and roll dive bar, bringing in your favorite local, regional, national, and sometimes even international acts up close and personal. Writing up a big piece would be misleading and repetitive- The Local 506 is small, with room for about 250 people. It is extremely cool, with a great beer selection and friendly staff. One review even labels The Local 506 as “the beating heart of the American music industry.”

There is no question - The Local 506 and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival are a match made in heaven. DSI Comedy Theater has been producing events at Local 506 on and off for close to 9 years. This year is no exception- expect to see amazing talent, in the kind of room where you can buy your favorite act a beer and hang out side by side after they kill their set.

- Contributed by Kate Harlow