(Theatre) 99 Reasons and Book is For EveryONE

Guest post by Greg Tavares, Theatre 99!

Hey improv world, all the cool people are going to be at NCCAF next week for the big improv orgy — and you are invited.  

That is always the way I feel right before NCCAF in Carrboro every year.

That is why I have been bummed to not make it the past 2 years, but I made a deal with myself a little over a year ago, that I would not go to any festivals until I finished my book — Improv For Everyone.  Well, boom, the book is here and now I can to go to the cool party.  

I am excited about getting the word out about my book (if you see me please buy one) and to teach a couple workshops, but I am even more jacked about the awesome shows.  Susan Messing in MESSING with a Friend?  Are you kidding me?   I can’t believe I am going to get a chance to see Susan Messing perform.  I saw her in Co-Ed Prison Sluts in Chicago like 15 years ago and I am still laughing at bits she did in that show.  I can’t hear the word “ouch” without seeing Susan standing on a stool with some guy’s head up her dress.  TMI?

Kevin Mullaney and Mullaney Chain?  How mad am I that I did not come up with that cool idea for a show before he did?  Super mad.  It is the ultimate “yes and” idea for a show.  He asks someone to play, then that person asks someone else and so on, and then they do a show.  Simple and beautiful.  It makes me want to just say “thanks Kevin.”  Thanks for the IRC, thanks for the podcasts and thanks for the simple and beautiful show idea that reminds me why I love improv.

So make sure to get you improv condoms for the improv orgy.  Everyone is going to be there and you are invited.

Link to my book: